‘Neath the Willow Tree

Weeping Willow

Lay did we ‘neath the Weeping Willow, midnight ‘til morning we lay
Stay did we here betwixt my sorrow, moonlight ‘til the days first ray
Kisses of dew filled our pockets deep, rich were we with the morning
“This’s not the morning,” I would weep, which ring would be adorning
Myself, ‘neath the Weeping Willow

Since we left ‘neath the Weeping Willow, nothing has my heart felt since
Prince of my heart may be the morrow, something more regal and hence
I dream away this reality, making reality dreams
By-and-by he’d be mine to marry, taking me ‘neath the moonbeams
Together, ‘neath the Weeping Willow

Here come I ‘neath the Weeping Willow, I peer beyond the still here
Fear commands me more time to borrow, my heart knows something is queer
Mist gathered and chilled me in that place, praying for benevolence
Desist did I- leaving behind lace, laying here my evidence
Alone, ‘neath the Weeping Willow

Deserted ‘neath the Weeping Willow, harken! A wood deserted
Disconcerted beside the yarrow, darken- his heart converted
Stony silence belies agony, forever with bated breath
Lonely ‘til lover returns to me, together if not in death
Dying, ‘neath the Weeping Willow

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