Time: The Imaginary Existential Power

What if I told you that by the end of this paper, I could extend your life significantly? If you managed to believe that (or were at least curious enough to read on), you are probably thinking, “How could you do something like that” or “By how much”. Quite simply, I would ask you to look at the metaphysical concept time and discard what you think you know about it.

For some, time is present all around us no matter what happens. For others, like myself, I believe that time is an illusion. I believe that time is merely the calculated probability that a specific event will occur based on the occurrence of another event. For example, if it is 6:30 (starting point), then in 30 minutes (probability), it will be 7:00 (result of time). Flawless logic, right? Here is where things get a little bit more complex.

Time does not always exist as we know it. For example, if it is 6:30 in Florida, and I am travelling at the speed of light for 30 minutes, what time would it be in Florida? It would still be 6:30. The only thing that changed was your perception of time- but not everyone else’s. Everyone else would have thought you were crazy for saying you were travelling for 30 minutes. Why am I telling you this? While you can’t travel at the speed of light, your mind can change your perception of time. By doing that, you can add more life in your years.

Step into an alternate dimension with me. Imagine if you spent 80 years in total darkness, unable to move, unable to sense anything. Then, in the last 10 minutes of your life, you were able to leave that dark place and step into New York City. The time you spent in darkness would have seemed like no time at all, because there was nothing happening there. Time did not truly exist. The last 10 minutes of your life would have felt like eternity, because you had never witnessed such expeditious growth or witnessed so many things occurring at once. You would die having lived 80 years and 10 minutes, but the last 10 minutes would have seemed like 80 years.

Another example: Imagine you are studying for a test, and it is boring the crap out of you. You decide to take a “break” after 30 minutes and watch TV. 2 hours later, you are wondering where the time went. The reason for that is because when you were studying, time was not irrelevant- you experienced time at a heightened level of awareness. Watching TV, you were not so much aware of the time. So, with that logic, 30 minutes of studying is worth the same sense of time as 2 hours of TV, since it took you that long to realize and decide to get back to studying.

By realizing the different perspectives of time, you can tailor your time management skills to maximize the time you have to focus on making yourself a better person. Someone who is not aware of time will have wasted the majority of their lives. My advice is to try to pack more life in your years, and you will have more (metaphorical) years in your life.


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