Why Amazon’s New Brick-and-Mortar Bookstore May Not Be A Good Thing

Amazon, America’s literary distribution behemoth, has expanded it’s power into previously uncharted territory by building their first brick-and-mortar store. Beverly Bell, a customer of this new establishment, pointed out the irony in this. The big question is what does this mean for the future? Amazon claims not to know themselves, but an innovative and competitive … Read more

A Higher Standard by General Ann Dunwoody

She may have 4 stars, but her book has 5! General Dunwoody’s book, A Higher Standard, is the crown jewel of a life of remarkable achievement, human growth, and resiliency. Her personal approach shines through her narrative in a fresh perspective on the constantly evolving topic of leadership. She gave profound philosophy and innovative application … Read more

The Formula for Creepy

As V-Sauce put it, “There is a mountain of safety and a mountain of danger. Between those two points, lies is a valley of creepy.” Creepiness is something that isn’t inherently dangerous. Nor is it friendly. It’s something whose motives can’t be determined. This uncertainty causes fear to blossom, and thus creepiness is born. I … Read more